Brainstorming, Brainstorming Techniques, and How to Brainstorm

Brainstorming is when a group of people use their brains to solve a problem by coming up with any and all ideas within a very short amount of time. There are several brainstorming techniques, including:

  • rapidly conjuring up ideas from the group under timed conditions,
  • taking turns in a group, adding onto an idea, one person at a time, and
  • one person extends from a central idea more ideas from the group, then extends more ideas from each idea.

As an aspiring novelist who is both solo and in constant need of ideas, you're really asking:
Can you brainstorm solo, too? Let us uncover:

Three Easy Steps for a Writer to Grow an Idea

Get Started.

The first step is to get started, which is a logical first step that can be easier said than done. If you think about the number of ways to spark an idea, then the task will be a no-brainer. Three ways to get started are to choose a word, a prompt, or a question.

Capture Ideas.

The second step is to capture all of your ideas. The advantage of brainstorming solo is that there is nobody else speaking over you—but sometimes your ideas will come quicker than you can capture them. Still, three ways to capture ideas are a board, a collage, or a recording device.

Expand Ideas.

The third and final step is to expand on your best ideas in order to grow your bank of ideas. You can do this by starting a new brainstorm with any or all of the ideas you have captured, combining multiple ideas together, or flipping an idea on its head.

Now you know three easy steps for a writer to grow an idea. How many times will you brainstorm solo today once you Get Started, Capture Ideas, and Expand Ideas?